Raise the Roof on Your Home with Attractive Window and Dormer Styles

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Raise the roof on your home's style and allure by choosing elegant and functional window and dormer styles from GAMCO Remodeling. A dormer is an addition to your home that protrudes through the roof to create more interior space and a higher ceiling. These roofed structures are often used to bolster the usable space in lofts and to create stylish roof openings in the plane of the roof.

In general, there are several types of dormers and different dormer styles for you to choose. You can even choose from dormer styles with and without windows. Most importantly, you can use your dormer to elevate the profile of your home to new heights. Continue reading for a few tips, ideas, and best practices to consider when selecting types of dormers for your home.

Choose Dormer Styles to Match Your Existing Architecture

Every home has a unique architectural design and style, which makes it the perfect place to start. Trust the design and architecture of your home to guide your efforts. Whether your home is a traditional Tudor style home or a modern home with floor to ceiling glass windows, it's imperative your dormer works with your design - not against.

In other words, the dormer should look like the house it tops. The most common types of dormer styles include gabled, hipped, hipped, eyebrow, and inset dormers. If you are working with a general contractor or architect, you can sketch a few drawings to communicate your ideas. Your general contractor will help you hone in your ideas and guide you in the process.

Proportion and Scale

As previously mentioned, your dormer should serve as additional detail to your roof. However, it shouldn't be overpowering or the dominant feature on your home. To help ensure the proper sense of scale and proportion, most dormer windows should be smaller than the windows on the walls below it. Another key tips is to avoid allowing dormers take up more than half of the depth or width of the roof.

Consider Colorful Frames in the Dormer

Depending on the style of your architecture and color of your home, choosing colored mullions and colored frames within the dormer may add a splash of color to the exterior of your house. With custom dormers, you can choose virtually any color or style of window frame your heart desires. If you already have an existing dormer, you can simply paint the frames to give your home an exterior makeover. Consult a paint professional about the best paint to use for your application based on the material of the frames and expected longevity.

Aesthetic and Functional Windows

Although the standard function of windows is to invite the light into your home, they can also act as a doorway. For instance, you can have either an ornamental and fixed windows for aesthetics, or you can use a sliding glass door window to provide access to your porch. In either case, make sure you consider the rooms your windows will serve.

You may have to determine if inviting light into a dark space is more important than a view. However, solar tubes that extend from a side wall or roof may be the perfect solution to invite light into dark spaces in the event a window isn't feasible.

Interior Appeal of Your Windows

While the outside appeal of your dormer windows is important, don't neglect the inside. Keep in mind how the window functions and appeals to your interior can be used to create a unique experience inside of your home.

For bathrooms, choose dormer styles that usher light into the space without offering direct viewing angles from outside your home. In general living spaces, such as living rooms, decide whether the function of the room warrants different shaped and sized windows or if you should choose large picture windows to allow maximum light into the space.

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