Who Should Consider Dormers and Extensions?

As your family grows, the needs of your household will undoubtedly change. While purchasing a larger home is an option, no one really wants to enter the tumultuous housing market.

The best solution is to maximize the space you already have with dormers and extensions from GAMCO Remodeling.

Whether you are looking for a grander family room, an extra bedroom, or to increase the space in your attic, GAMCO Remodeling has the premier solution.


What Are Dormers and Extensions?

A dormer is a structural element that protrudes from the plane of the roof’s surface. While many dormers are implemented in the original construction, several homeowners choose GAMCO Remodeling to create unique home extensions.

By altering certain areas of your home with minimal construction, we are able to create more usable and exotic spaces. At the same time, dormers and extensions allow for the addition of attractive dormer windows.

Dormer windows are an excellent source of ventilation and natural light for the newly renovated top floors. A new extension and dormer window is the excellent way to transform the space you already have and bolster it with natural light.

Expert Advice on Dormers and Extensions from GAMCO


Common Uses for Dormers and Extensions

In any case, there are countless ways to utilize your home extension. While every dormer and extension may have different uses, the most common are:

  • Creating more space for a child returning home from college
  • Inviting a parent to live with you for their golden years
  • Creating a new income source by renting the space
  • Designing a private desk area or a creative space illuminated by the dormer window
  • Transforming awkward nooks into vanity alcoves or something unique

The possibilities are endless and are only hampered by your imagination. Contact a GAMCO Remodeling expert today for an in-home consultation to start the process.


Benefits of Extensions and Dormers

Dormers and extensions convert your ordinary looking residence into something grand and extraordinary. After the project is complete, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased market value and home resale value
  • More living space and square footage
  • Unique and distinguished elements of your home
  • Improved natural light with dormer windows
  • A more cost effective and convenient alternative to purchasing a new home and moving

At the same time, dormers and extensions send the strong message of your intent on staying in the home for the long haul. Contact a GAMCO Remodeling professionals today to learn more about the benefits of our dormers and extensions.


Why Choose GAMCO Remodeling?

Implementing dormers and extensions onto your home is a highly complex project and requires the expertise of an experience contractor to see it through to the end.

The professionals at GAMCO Remodeling have been building extensions and dormers for residents in Eastern Nassau and Western Suffolk County since 1978. With nearly four decades of experience, we bring a wealth of understanding and know how to effectively blend everything in an attractive and appealing way.


Experience the GAMCO Difference

Our fully licensed and insured experts handle everything from permitting through construction. To ensure satisfaction, we use state-of-the-art modeling techniques before construction begins. After everything is complete, we make sure your home is clean and tidy without the use of unsightly storage bins.

At GAMCO Remodeling, we take an infinite amount of pride in our work, never take shortcuts, and only use the best materials. As a result of our high standards, all materials and labor are covered under the complimentary Four Diamond Guarantee, which offers lifetime protection to ensure satisfaction.

Contact GAMCO Remodeling today to begin seeing your home in a new and improved light.

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