4 Surprising Money-Saving Benefits of Mother Daughter Homes

Mother Daughter Home Benefits

The benefits of a mother daughter home will virtually always greatly outweigh the costs. Depending on your individual situation, the mother daughter home conversion could pay for itself in a matter of months. When you consider the peace of mind knowing your parents or grandparents are well-taken care of, it makes dollars and sense to choose a mother daughter home conversion.

The experts at GAMCO Remodeling offer decades of experience creating unique mother daughter home conversions. We will carefully listen to your wants, needs, and budget to design the optimum space for your mother, father, grandparent, or student returning home from college.

Continue reading to learn why a growing number of homeowners are choosing to enjoy the many benefits of mother daughter homes.

In-home Care for Seniors or Children

Outsourced care for our elders is an increasingly expensive concern, especially in New York! Sometimes it makes more sense to provide in-home care, using the best resource we have—family. Mother daughter homes allow parents, grandparents, or other family members to live close enough to each other to provide convenient and trusted care.

Grandparents who strive for independence in their later years will love the ability to maintain privacy, yet receive the care they need from close family members. Holidays will be easier than ever when grandma or grandpa is just a few steps away. Whether providing year-round care to family members or just wanting to be easily accessible, a mother daughter home is the perfect way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Save Money on Utilities with Mother Daughter Homes

Unlike separate mother in-law suites, mother daughter homes share plumbing and heating mechanisms. Existing plumbing, HVAC systems, and heating is extended to the portion of the home that is being altered or added on. Instead of having to purchase an entirely new HVAC system for separate structure, most homeowners are only required to adjust their existing equipment and system.

Even with shared utilities, you can split the costs between you and your parents or grandparents. This will help reduce the immediate burden of the cost. In the end, mother daughter conversions are one of the most effective ways of keeping living expenses down for everyone.

Student Housing

Not only are mother daughter suites excellent options for older relatives, but just as the name implies - your children can benefit too. It's not uncommon for recent college graduates to return back home to the nest after graduating college, a divorce, following the loss of a job, or for a temporary place to stay until they can become self sufficient. The mother daughter style home provides the perfect temporary housing solution for your children.

The space is excellent for individuals who want to spread their wings and gain independence, but remain close enough for a home-cooked meal from time to time. Homeowners or parents will be close enough to monitor goings-ons, but distant enough to maintain a separate life. Mother daughter style homes can provide you with the peace of mind knowing your daughter or son has access to affordable housing as well as the privacy they may require.

Another major benefit of mother daughter homes is the ability to potentially earn rental income from the space. By simply adding a detached entrance to the room, it's instantly transformed into a viable source of revenue. You can rent the space out to relatives or to anyone else you feel comfortable with.

Increase Property Value

One of the key benefits of mother daughter homes is the increased property value. While taxes may increase, the spike in property value, opportunities, and benefits of mother daughter homes are virtually endless.

In today's current market, the resale value of already-designed mother daughter conversion homes is great. These unique structures offer tentative buyers the opportunity to use the space as a continued mother daughter living plan or the opportunity to earn additional income with a rental unit.

Mother daughter homes are especially appealing today's buyers. With such a large number of baby boomers entering the retirement age, the mother daughter space may be the determining factor for a potential buyer.

Contact GAMCO Remodeling to Enjoy the Benefits of Mother Daughter Homes

The benefits of mother daughter homes are unlimited, and the financial savings make it worthwhile. The contractors and design team at GAMCO Remodeling will work closely with you to create your dream space. We take your ideas and bring them to life.

Our professionals manage everything from start to finish, including permits, licensing, and even cleanup. We strive to provide services that alleviate the headache typically associated with such a significant overhaul.

Invest in your future with a professionally designed and built mother daughter home from GAMCO Remodeling. Allow our team of expert, licensed remodelers to take on your project—we can handle anything, big or small!

We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction and back our work up with the industry leading Four Diamond Guarantee.

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